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Asset Geolocation Identity Tracking

Specifically designed for crisis situations, such as COVID-19, our integrated security solution includes a real-time communication, coordination and management, and analysis system.

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Our expertise,


Our combined knowledge includes physical security to IT environments with the latest cutting edge technologies from artificial intelligence to quantum cryptography.

Our strength,

valuable partners.

Private group of companies specialized in various domains within the security industry: over 200 renowned specialists including 40 multidisciplinary mentors.

Our agility,

thriving collaboration.

In-depth knowledge & resources sharing allows opportunity for optimized solutions and customized service offer.

Our security products and services

Turnkey and customized solutions.

Nowadays, security needs are multiplying in all organizations, regardless of their size, producing an increasing number of victims.

Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer a global security solution tailored to your reality.

DSI Group

Our Goal: Democratizing Security

Our ambition is to transform our industry by making it affordable and transparent for everyone.

Our strategic vision is built on a group of partners with unique expertise covering all the security verticals. The pooling of our knowledge, partner’s client portfolios and financial possibilities multiplies our capabilities tenfold, which give our organization an unique character.

Within a normative ISO 9001 and 27001 framework, our partners offer a global security vision to their clients in a structured and proven way.

Bassin de ressources multidisciplinaires.
A pool of multidisciplinary resources
Différents cadre de compétences
A large number of resources are available through our partners
Flux de travail automatisés
Supported by automated workflows to ensure delivery
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Our services

Optimized solutions for your needs, and especially for your budget.

Personal protection

Your protection, our specialty

Understanding the environments surrounding each of your company's stakeholders will allow us to define a real personal protection strategy based on your reality.

11% of attacks on companies are linked to a protection flaw due to the human factor.

Physical security

Set your first line of defense against potential attacks

As the origin of security, it is a necessity to guarantee the integrity of your production system and your company.

Our security offer includes all forms of physical security: Staff protection, sensitive information, equipments, IT infrastructures and company assets.

IT environments protection

Cyber protection, an universe as rich as complex

We set at your disposal the necessary resources for the good protection of your environment.

Meeting your needs without frills is our business. For each one, we address it with the best solution for you based on your reference cost/utility.

37% of successful cyberattacks were done through phishing in 2019

Deux ordinateurs

Our approach in 5 phases

Understanding your reality
Defining your security strategy
Establishing the architecture of the organization & technologies
Integrating your vision vigorously & knowledgeably
Operational excellence







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The flexibility and agility of the DSI is mainly thankful to our wonderful partners!

Thanks to the synergy of our expertise, a multitude of business opportunities are created.

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