Protection of sensitive datas

Individuals and organisations are more exposed to cyber attacks now than ever.

As the Internet became the cornerstone of our daily lives, individual privacy and personal data are at risk from continuously evolving cyber threats. The emergence of social media combined with the rise of sensitive data and information exchange on cyberspace has significantly increased the number of potential victims. Often for monetary reasons, ill-intended individuals would target individuals or organizations with vulnerabilities or breaches in their security systems. Have you considered encrypting your information and your networks?

  • CheckAssets management (Processes & configurations)
  • CheckAccess and identity management
  • CheckIncidental management
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Physical security

An aspect not to be neglected!

Nowadays, physical security reaches peripheral and internal protection, and aligns with vulnerability to lose or to have your hardwares stolen, with all your accesses and confidential sensitive data. To have the best security posture, physical aspect must be used in complementarity with the best cyber security measures. An in-depth defense approach will allow you to protect your assets and resources, such as your employees, data, equipment and facilities.

  • CheckPhysical threats analysis
  • CheckPhysical protection measures
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Services - IT environments protection

The best protection is having a compliance framework in place and keeping security measures up to date.

Innovation and quick adoption of new IT trends grant greater accessibility to information and people across systems. The exposure of sensitive datas and critical systems may compromise confidentiality, integrity and availability. Given the importance of the issues and the magnitude of the consequences, we offer solutions in consideration of the latest cyber threat trends, in order to strengthen the IT environment security.

  • CheckProtection measure analysis
  • CheckRecommendation upon priority
  • CheckIntegration of follow-ups and retained solutions
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Cyber Protection

Analyse, protect, and understand your key structures, your needs, and your environment to then optimize the cyber protection solution.


Security Project Management

Support your security project for optimal implementation at lesser costs.


Physical Security

Securise your assets and employees, as well as sensitive resources using our tools and a multi-layered approach to security.


Global Business Services

Analyse your activities through strategic advice to operational excellence.


Applications security services

Framing, verification, certification and integration of developed programs and Web according to international and recognized standards.


Information Management and Information Technology

Accompany in the establishment of structures for your data management and secure them.



Ensure the security of all telecommunications by optimizing the solutions and by using secured languages with encryptions.


Human behaviours

Identify and train your team in the analysis of human behaviour with proven methods and technologies.


Cell SCAN trainings allows Security experts and related specialists to improve their global knowledge of human behaviors and to acquire the capacity to detect all threats and malicious acts. To offer the best quality trainings, we continuously optimize our contents by using the latest available researches, technologies and techniques. Equip your team with the proper skill sets to analyze nonverbal language in all their interventions.

  • CheckImproved security skills
  • CheckImproved security for clients and staff
  • CheckBecome proactive and anticipate unexpected situations
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Your organization and yourself may be exposed to cyber threats. Be proactive and protect yourself!

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